Wood, Glorious Wood







Affectionately nicknamed ‘the arc’ by visitors to the park, a new building  has been seen rising from the ground over the last month. This beautiful wooden frame is the beginnings of our new Visitors Centre, opening in April 2017. It will be home to our new cafe, with proper barista-style coffee (about which your ‘Notes from the Moat’ editor is most excited!), and a fabulous gift shop (in which said editor will be doing all her Christmas shopping!)

Equally important as the coffee and the shopping (honestly), will be the opportunity to find out about the new Museum and get a sneak peak at the collection, the stories and the trails. All designed to encourage lovers of coffee and shopping to venture into the Manor House, Small Barn and Granary and explore the hundreds of years of history they’ve been walking past on their way through the park.

The lovely wooden frame reflects the historic architecture of our 16th century Great and Small Barns. It will soon be clad with vertical boarding and topped with a cedar shingle roof. Over time the wood will mellow and blend beautifully with the ancient woodland on the edge of which the building stands.

With an opening 5 months in advance of the rest of the site, the Visitors Centre is in need of a proper name, much as we’ve grown fond of ‘the arc’ we were hoping for something more reflective of the site and its history. If you are struck by inspiration, do let us know!



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