It’s starting to come together…

AFTER – The Visitor Centre opened to the public in April 2017, resurfacing of the road will be completed in the Autumn.
BEFORE – The site of the new Visitor Centre in May 2016

Wow! What a year we’ve had so far down at Headstone Manor!

The whole site has really started to change, aside from the works to the historic buildings, we’ve got a whole new building in which to welcome you!

After 12 months of work, the Visitor Centre opened its doors to the public on 15th April 2017. It has a display that gives a peak into the museum we are making, and a brief history of its buildings.

The beautiful timber frame was made off-site and craned into place on its concrete base, but a lot of underground work went on before the foundation was even poured to protect the building from potential flooding.  A huge tank has been buried under part of the car park with drainage pipes across the site directing all the surface water into it so that we can control its dispersal.

The concrete foundation of the new Visitor Centre is laid.
The preformed glulam timber frame of the Visitor Centre is installed and the walls are under construction.







Designed to make reference to the structure of the historic barns at Headstone, the frame gives an impression of the classic a-frame, whilst the outside is clad in cedar. The vertical boarding and shingle tiles reflect the visual language of the Small Barn’s horizontal cladding and ceramic tiles without actually mimicking them.

By October 2016 the Visitor Centre was weather-tight and undergoing first fix installations of underfloor heating and electrics.
Installation of the cedar shingle roof of the Visitor Centre early in 2017.







Inside you will find a warm welcome at The Moat Cafe, and the perfect spot from which to sit and watch the transformation of the the rest of the site.





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